Farm Together

Farm Together is Sino Group’s integrated green community project that plants the seeds for sustainability by promoting urban farming, social inclusion and bringing the community closer to nature.

We have converted six urban spaces in Hong Kong and one in Singapore into verdant, functional farms: Sky Farm at Skyline Tower, 148 Farm at 148 Electric Road, Gold Coast Fun Farm and Gold Coast Eco Farm at Gold Coast Residences, Gold Coast Farm and the Butterflies and Herbs Farm at Hong Kong Gold Coast Hotel as well as the Fullerton Farm in Singapore.  The farms span more than 2,600 square metres and grow more than 150 plant and crop species.

At 1,100 square metres, Sky Farm is the largest, and is home to more than 40 types of edible crops, including snow jade cabbage, roselle, black peanut and taro winter melon. Our most recent harvest yielded nearly 195 kg of produce, which was used to prepare hampers for guests. We expect to harvest more than 400 kg of produce each year from Sky Farm.

A more compact farm sits atop 148 Electric Road in North Point, spanning 130 square metres. It is growing more than 25 crops, with an expected annual harvest of 100 kg, as well as being a green space where our community and team members can relax while enjoying panoramic harbour views.

We also work with community partners such as Hong Chi Association to promote urban farming and social inclusion.

Through Farm Together, we join hands with our colleagues, residents, tenants, hotel guests and the wider community to build a greener future.

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